Project Solutions

With the development, investment and holding of distributed and centralized photovoltaic power stations as the main line, C&D Clean Energy combines with solar, wind, hydrogen and other clean energy projects in parallel development, providing customers with all-round and comprehensive clean energy services globally.

Project Development

Project Investment

BOT+ Financing

Equipment Supply

Operation & Maintenance

Provide Optimized LCOE and Return of Investment

Worldwide Product Marketing

Deep ploughing both domestic and international markets, develop trade of clean energy products and equipment, including power generation side products and energy storage side products. Integrate resources and create added-value together with excellent and worthwhile partners worldwide.

Integrate Resources Create Added Values

Supply Chain Operation

Integrate and optimize the value-added operation of clean energy supply chain and industrial chain, deeply participate in the upstream and mid-range business of clean energy industry, involving domestic and international trade of raw materials, provide comprehensive services including warehousing and logistics, information, finance, business and other services, invest in upstream and mid-range raw material factories, and provide customized combination services for customers.

Integrate logistics resources, manage logistics jobs at all links of supply chain operations for customers.
  • Intensified logistics purchasing
  • Logistics planning
  • Import and export customs and taxations
  • Tracking of direction of goods flow
  • Warehousing site selection and facilities supporting
  • Risk management of property in goods
  • Inventory management and value-added service
  • Reverse supply chain service
  • Reverse supply chain service
Integrate information resources, provide supply chain information solutions for customers.
  • Open-ended trading platform
  • Advertising communication
  • Market investigation and analysis
  • Information consulting service
  • Supply chain management software development
  • Operational information interaction platform
  • Brand operation
  • Agent construction of operation platform
  • Customized information management system
Integrate financial resources, provide supply chain financial solutions for customers.
  • Customize credit trading products
  • Financial lease and re-lease
  • Financial hedging
  • Futures hedging
  • Structural financial service
  • Financial channel service
  • International taxation planning
  • Settlement risk management
  • Exchange rate management
  • Financial optimization
  • Insurance agency
  • Factoring guarantee
  • Appraisal of assets under agency
  • Interest distribution management
Integrate commodity resources and market resources, provide full chain business services for customers.
  • Intensified purchasing
  • Trade documents making
  • Product customization and assortment
  • Agent bidding and supplier management
  • Technical support and after-service
  • Channel planning, exploration and management
  • Pattern conversion between spot goods and future goods
  • Marketing planning
  • Commercial legal service
  • Quality management for export purchase
  • Credit risk management
  • Equipment integration service
  • Business model design

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