C&D Clean Energy unveiled partnership with Integra Solar on 100MW Solar Panel Supply Chain Services

C&D Clean Energy recently announced the cooperative partnership with Integra Solar (Hereafter called “Integra”) on 100MW solar panel supply chain services. According to the memorandum of understanding (MOU), C&D Clean Energy will provide Integra Solar with 100MW Longi brand solar panels for exploring Pakistan solar market.

Integra is an Australian based company with more than 11 years of industry experience in renewable space. Integra Solar wholesales and retails renewable energy products. “We stand for quality in contributing to the planet’s path to a greener future and our philosophies are aligned and we are united in our Altruistic belief to Earth’s Renewable Destiny.” said by CEO Integra Solar Pakistan M. Mahmood Tahir, “Integra Solar Pakistan really appreciate and glad to have such a strong and Global Fortune 500 company as our global supply chain partner. We would like to thank C&D Clean Energy for their amazing continuing support as our global supply chain partner.”

Michael K. Lee offered his sincere online congratulations on the MOU signing ceremony and said, “We are happy to be the global supply chain partner of Integra Energy for this 100MW solar panel, and glad to witness such a meaningful moment for the historic cooperation between Integra and Longi. Integra has developed extensive cooperation with C&D Clean Energy on inverters and solar modules since last year, and we will continue to support Integra with integrated and valued-added supply chain services with C&D “Lift” characteristics further in the future, and expand our cooperation business field in Pakistan, Australia, and other parts of the world.”

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