C&D Clean Energy Unveiled Partnership with Shtigen LLC on 6.7MW Solar Power Plant Supply Chain Services

C&D Clean Energy, as a leading Renewable Energy Supply Chain Service Provider recently announced a cooperative partnership with Shtigen LLC, a leading company in the renewable energy market of Armenia, on 6.7MW solar power plant supply chain services in Armenia.

The 6.7MW ground-mounted project is located in Shoghakat community of Armenia and will be equipped with 403 pcs of TH645PMB6-69SDC Shingled Bifacial Module, 10,037pcs TH650PMB6-69SDC Shingled Bifacial Module from Tongwei Solar and 20 pcs of 250kW Kstar string inverters. After commissioning, the plant is expected to generate more than 11 million kWh of green electricity annually, which is equivalent to offsetting 4,884 tons of CO2.

The project has passed technical due diligence from international technical advisor to the German Armenian Fund, one of the main renewable energy finance SPVs in Armenia, and approved for non-recourse financing from Ameriabank, a leading commercial bank.

“We are satisfied with Tongwei highly efficient shingled solar modules in our many other small-middle size projects, we believe the specification of Shingled 645-650Wp bifacial module will be the best choice for this 6.7MW project. Facing the challenges of continuously increasing price of raw materials, we appreciate the big support from C&D Clean Energy with their power of Global Supply Chain,” – Commented Hayk Shekyan, the founder and CEO of Shtigen LLC.

Michael K. Lee, CEO of C&D Clean Energy said, “Shtigen LLC is one of C&D Clean Energy’s important partners in the One Belt One Road Middle-Asian region. We support our partners with integrated and value-added supply chain services in order to achieve global carbon neutrality goals.’’

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