C&D Clean Energy Reached Supply Chain Service Cooperative Agreement with Zorlu Energy and Solis Inverters

Agreement has been signed between Zorlu Energy, one of leading companies of Turkey in renewable energy, and Solis Inverters (Ginlong Technologies), the world -renowned solar inverter producer. Zorlu Energy has become the global company Solis Inverters’ authorized distributor in commercial, industrial and utility solar energy market by signing an supply chain service cooperative agreement with C&D Clean Energy for the sale of string inverter technology and accessories used in solar systems in Turkey.

Aiming to be the facilitator of Turkey’s sustainable and innovative growth, Zorlu Energy signed an important cooperation agreement with China-based global solar inverter manufacturer Solis Inverters (Ginlong Technologies). Zorlu Energy, which is the only C&I and utility market distributor in Turkey that can sell string inverter technology and accessories used in solar systems produced by Solis Inverters (Ginlong Technologies) directly for solar power plant EPC’s and investors within the scope of the agreement, will make annual purchases from C&D Clean Energy; C&D Clean Energy, a renewable energy supply chain service provider headquartered in Nanjing, China, which is affiliated to C&D Inc., itself part of the C&D Group, a Fortune Global 500 enterprise which ranked 77th in 2022. C&D Clean Energy is committed to providing high-quality products, solar power project investment and project O&M associated with supply chain and industrial chain integration.

Cooperation between Zorlu Energy and Solis Inverters (Ginlong Technologies) will pave the way for more affordable projects.
Zorlu Energy will ensure that commercial and industrial (50kW and above) inverters are offered to the Turkish market, thanks to the Turkey distributorship of global inverter manufacturer Solis. This will pave the way for more cost-effective projects. Updating itself in line with the changing solar energy market dynamics, Zorlu Energy will be able to respond quickly to the needs of not only commercial and industrial rooftop projects, but also land-based solar power plant projects with Solis’ innovative technology products.

Solis cooperation will bring success to Zorlu Energy in the inverter market.
Evaluating the cooperation between Zorlu Energy and Solis, Zorlu Energy Solar and Deputy General Manager for Foreign Investments Evren Evcit said: “As Zorlu Energy, we manufacture high-end, quality solar panels under the Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES) brand. By supplying our solar panels from existing panel production facilities, we undertake important investments and collaborations in order to make them in accordance with international quality standards. As a company that draws almost all our power from renewable energy; in 2017, we became the largest business partner and sole distributor in 26 countries of First Solar’s high-performance thin film photovoltaic (PV) modules, which develops new generation technologies in the field of solar energy. With this important agreement we made in the area of solar energy, we achieved a great success in the module segment. We believe that we will succeed in the inverter market in the same way thanks to our cooperation with Solis, a solar energy equipment manufacturer. We aim to present value-added solutions, new generation technologies and different business models in the field of solar energy in a wide geography, especially in Turkey, and to lead the development of the solar energy area. In line with this goal, we plan to continue our investments and collaborations without interruption in order to meet the sustainable and environment friendly energy supply.”

“We are very glad to supply Zorlu Energy with value-added supply chain services.” commented Michael K. Lee, C&D Clean Energy’s General Manager, “C&D Clean Energy aims to integrate its global resources to deliver our “LIFT” supply chain services to customers, we are happy to support our partners with value-added supply chain services. Tapping into our expertise in supply chain and in-depth channel operation, we will help to explore and bring more opportunities locally and globally for our customers.”

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