C&D Clean Energy Was Invited to Attend the Fujian Province PV Seminar

11th November, 2021, the “Fujian Distributed Seminar” co-hosted by SOLARBE and PV Box was successfully held in Xiamen, Fujian province. The general manager of C&D Clean Energy, Mr. Michael K. Lee was invited to attend and participate in the “Fujian distributed PV market development potential” panel discussion. He shared the layout and business model of C&D Clean Energy in the field of new energy in the future with industry scholars and experts, and discussed the future development of distributed photovoltaic market in Fujian Province.

This conference focuses on distributed photovoltaic market in Fujian Province, especially on the residential solar system policy, industrial and commercial market development, energy transformation, project financing, BIPV and other key topics. The organizer invited local government institutions, investors, developers, EPC, distributors, installers, dealers, manufacturers electric power enterprises, solar industry associations, financial investment institutions and other institutions representatives to explore the distributed PV market potential and business opportunity in Fujian Province. More than 30 industry experts and 300+ industry backbone force participated in the conference.

20th May, 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission of Fujian Province issued a notice of “The whole county residential solar system advancing”, clearly stated in the file that the relevant districts and municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) need to move forward with the application of pilot projects according to local illumination and residential photovoltaic construction conditions, giving priority to those good areas with good illumination to carry out pilot projects. In principle, the total annual radiation should reach 1250kWh/㎡.

After entering the “14th Five-year Plan” state, under the support of both “30·60” goals and the rural revitalization strategy, the distributed photovoltaic in China is about to usher in a new development cycle. The renewable energy city construction focusing on distributed photovoltaic power generation is a project fully supported by Fujian Province. By the end of 2020, the proportion of photovoltaic power generation in Fujian Province was only 0.1%, far lower than the national proportion of 3.51%. With the decrease of the overall construction cost of solar power stations and the promotion of the residential solar system county-wide promotion policy, by September 30th, 2021, the solar power stations connected to the grid in Fujian province have increased 437MW, of which only 10MW is ground-mounted system, and 426MW is distributed system (97.5% of the total). Photovoltaic power generation, especially distributed photovoltaic power generation in Fujian Province, has great room for improvement in the future.

As a local state-owned enterprise in Fujian Province, C&D Group actively distributes the new energy industry. On November 8th 2021, C&D Inc, the member enterprise of C&D Group, established a joint venture with Clenergy Co., Ltd. to engage in the investment and operation of solar power stations. The business scope is mainly in Fujian province, covering surrounding provinces. Under the lead of “carbon neutral” national goals, with the further development of “PV +” pattern, in the future, C&D Clean Energy will make full use of its own supply chain service advantages to work with industry players hand in hand, continue to actively promote the market application of distributed photovoltaic industry in Fujian province, and to promote the popularization of renewable energy, contributing to the country’s goal of carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2060.

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