C&D Clean Energy Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Risen Energy

Nanjing, January 12, 2022, C&D Clean Energy, a renewable energy supply chain service provider, today announced that it has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Risen Energy, signed an agreement to purchase 500 MW high-efficiency photovoltaic modules from Risen Energy for 2022. Wang Zhibing, deputy general manager of C&D Inc., Bai Huolian, general manager of operation management Department, Michael K. Lee, head of C&D Clean Energy, Zeng Jianping, senior vice president of Risen Energy and representatives of both parties attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the sincere cooperation between the two parties.

According to the agreement, the two sides will be on the basis of mutual trust, make full use of their own products, projects, core technology, market platform channels, supply chain and capital resources to carry out long-term and in-depth strategic cooperation in the fields of upstream and downstream supply chain services of Risen Energy brand products, product marketing at home and abroad, and investment and development of photovoltaic power station projects.

C&D Clean Energy Co., Ltd. is a clean energy solution provider under C&D Inc. (600153.SH). It focuses on the clean energy field represented by solar industry, and its main business areas include product marketing at home and abroad, project development and investment, and clean energy supply chain and industry chain operation. C&D Clean Energy officially entered the new energy field in 2021, focusing on the global strategic layout. Up to now, C&D Clean Energy has set up localized storage bases, project development and product marketing teams in Los Angeles, Frankfurt and Istanbul, Turkey.

“As a Tier1 solar module manufacturer, Risen Energy has accumulated profound technical reserves in the field of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells and modules, and has industry-leading mass production technology ability and capacity advantages. We are pleased to become the component supply partner of C&D Clean Energy.” At the signing ceremony, Zeng Jianping, Senior Vice President of Risen Energy, said, “Nowadays, with the rapid development of the world photovoltaic market, the combination of strong companies is becoming a trend choice for the development of photovoltaic enterprises. This time, C&D Clean Energy signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Risen Energy and had a more in-depth exchange on product performance and technology development, which is conducive to both sides to timely understand the latest global scientific and technological achievements and cutting-edge trends, and promote the innovation and development of the photovoltaic industry.”

Michael K. Lee, head of C&D Clean Energy, said, “As the representative of C&D Inc. in the clean energy field, C&D Clean Energy has the advantage of global resource links and channel depth operation capability of supply chain operation business. This 500MW purchase agreement will be the first step of our cooperation. In the future, we will give full play to our respective advantages and characteristics, integrate resources from both sides, continuously explore new modes and mechanisms of cooperation and exchange at a deeper level, carry out comprehensive cooperation in domestic and overseas new energy markets, promote the high-quality development of our businesses, and make positive contributions to global clean energy development.”

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